Catalogue Raisonne

Edited by Albertina, Vienna, Marietta
Mautner Markhof, Gunhild Bauer, Klaus
Albrecht Schröder, texts by Gunhild Bauer,
Vivien Bittencourt, Vincent Katz, Marietta
Mautner Markhof, Carter Ratcliff, graphic
design by Büro Sieveking

2011. 304 pp., 615 color ills.
25.40 x 31.10 cm
clothbound, in slipcase

ISBN 978-3-7757-2766-2
Website: Hatje Cantz

Catalogue Raisonné Supplement

Alex Katz Prints

Catalogue Raisonné, 1947-2011

Alex Katz’s graphic oeuvre from 1947 to the present

This catalogue raisonné brings together all prints by Alex Katz from his first attempts in the late nineteen-forties until today. As most prints by Katz grow out of a deliberate dialogue with his paintings and his flat sculptures or cutouts, they afford us an insight into his entire oeuvre.
Katz was busy making new prints even as the catalogue was being compiled and those completed by June 2011 have been included here.